Bluebell and Ellaria capture a "bird"!

At Home With The Turkish Angora

What is this beauty? Elegance in motion – long, graceful body with soft, silky, shimmering coat - keen intelligence – a fondness for high places – all these describe a Turkish Angora. One look into their bright eyes, one stroke of their incredibly silky coat, and you are charmed. Their natural breed characteristics – long muzzle, large, upright ears, long, firm body – give them a grace and symmetry that is exceptional. Their long single coat requires minimal grooming, since it has no undercoat. Most find that a once a week grooming with a steel-tined comb is sufficient to keep the coat tangle-free. The Turkish Angora’s coat is longer in winter, and shorter in summer, and does not develop fully until the cat is two to three years of age.

We love shoulders! ... it's a good thing the cake didn't get in the way!

In the old country, the odd-eyed white Turkish Angora was most highly esteemed. Today, Turkish Angoras of many striking colors are admired and shown. Besides the traditional whites, Turkish Angoras are seen in solid colors, shaded and smoke, tabby, bi-colors, and parti-colors. Champions, Grand Champions, and Regional winners are found in many of these delightful colors. Eye colors can range from blue, odd-eyed, yellow, green, and golden shades. They are a sturdy breed, and can live up to twelve years and older, given proper care. They do quite well on a diet consisting of high-quality dry food, with some daily servings of good quality canned food. Some enjoy chasing cat treats, too.

Owning a Turkish Angora will take you to new heights.

Turkish Angoras are an energetic breed, and are lovers of playtime – even Senior cats enjoy chasing a feather, ball, or cat toy. With patience and consistent practice, they can even be taught tricks, and will consider the routine as part of your playtime with them. They quickly return your care and love with attention and devotion. Some follow their owners around the house, watching to see what interesting things they may be doing. They enjoy snuggling up next to their favorite person, or sitting on a nice, warm lap.

Nothing better on a cold winter day than snuggling with "mom" in the covers...

Turkish Angoras have a fondness for high places and can be found lounging on the top perch of a cat tree, or top of a bookcase. Other favorite high places may include your shoulders, the tops of doors, shower stalls, or window ledges. A Turkish Angora will gracefully negotiate all of these. Even young kittens may be inclined to leap onto your shoulders from a perch or from the floor. Turkish Angoras may regard anything loose as a potential toy – plastic rings from a milk bottle, a piece of lettuce, or your eyeglasses make equally enjoyable toys, so it is advisable to store necessary small objects properly. Likewise, fragile objects should be protected in a display case. But the Turkish Angora’s beauty, elegance and affectionate nature quite make up for such protection of breakables. One unusual toy is water - Turks love to play in standing water, as long as shampoo is not involved! Their playful personality, athletic skill and colorful antics will amuse you daily, and their warmth and devotion will bring a smile of contentment.

Khonsu: "Oh look! It's a water park!"
Hapi: "Are there any fish in there? Look! I can make it swirly!"

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